Visa requirements



Country name

Period of issued visas



30 days


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

30 days



30 days



30 days



30 days



30 days


People's Republic of China

30 days


Republic of Korea

30 days



30 days



30 days



30 days

The following persons are entitled to get a visa at the international airport of the Republic of Azerbaijan with a period of up to 30 days, as shown below:

  1. Persons with resident cards of the State of Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the State of Kuwait accompanying citizens of the country that issued the residence card;
  2. For more details, please visit the following website:


The consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia grants for the citizens of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and foreign residents living in these countries visitor, business, tourist, transit and other visas.

You have to present the following documents ( IN PERSON (personally) ) to the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain a tourist visa:

  • 1) Duly completed visa application form ( )

    2) Two recently taken photos (3x4 on a white background)

    3) Visa fee receipt (with stamp or QR code, 20 USD)                                            

    4) Travel insurance (up to 30 days)

    5) Hotel booking reservation

    6) Flight ticket reservation

    7) Translated copy of the temporary or permanent residence permit (iqama (by approval) valid for at least 6 months)

    8) PASSPORT (validity minimum 6 months) and copy of passport (first page).


Working hours of the Consular Section:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

10:00 - 13:00

After completing the visa application form in appropriate order and completing the above-mentioned list, send a copy of your passport or identity document, as well as the "registration code" mentioned in the visa application form, by e-mail ( riyadh@mission ), indicating the day you are tending to come to the Embassy. You will be notified regarding the appointment time within a possible short period of time, so that you can arrive at the Embassy at the time agreed in advance. (Please do not allow tourism companies or third parties to interfere in the process!) If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (+966 11 419 2382).



*(APPROPRIATE INVITATION) Citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic , the Republic of Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Republic of the Sudan are requested to contact the Embassy before paying the visa fee, going to the airport and applying for the visa: +966 11 419 23 82

*Visa processing time takes up to 10 working days (it is more convenient if you do not make a request at least 10 days before the new voyage).

*Any document confirming the identity of the mother of minor children (English translation).

*Duly approved consent of the non-traveling parent to do so unless both parents travel with their child or children under the age of majority.

*The "Visa Application-Questionnaire" portal ( ) was put into use on January 25, 2023, for the purpose of electronic filling (additional technical chance) of the visa application-questionnaire by foreigners and stateless persons who applied to the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the purpose of obtaining a visa.


Referring to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on amendments of "The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan for State Duty", new visa fees will be applied for foreigners and stateless persons arriving in the Republic of Azerbaijan follow:

  • Single entry visa – 20 USD (except citizens of Schengen Area countries and so on ...)
  • Multiple entry visa – 350 USD (except USA, Korea, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Schengen Area countries citizens) 
  • Single transit visa – 20 USD
  • Double transit visa – 20 USD
  • Visa fee for citizens of Schengen area countries – 35 EUR

Account/IBAN No: SA3745000000818086712081
Swift Code: SABBSARI
Bank: The Saudi British Bank

The Consular section has a right to:

  1. Invite the applicant to the consular section for an interview and clarification of his or her personal data.
    2. Refuse to grant a visa in case of non-corresponding real personal information with the information presented by the applicant, shortage of required documents and matters connected with national security of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In this case the Consular section is not responsible for refunding the consular fees made by applicants beforehand.

General Information

Conception of visa, category, objective and types

Visa - is the official document providing legal origin to the foreigners and stateless persons: 
- For entrance to the country in the visa-required regime;
- For temporarily staying in the country during the period stated in their visas;
- For leaving the country within the rules of border supervision during the same period stated in their visas.

Visa consists of three categories - diplomatic, service and ordinary.

Two types of visa - entrance and transit visa granted to the foreigners and stateless persons is formalized as below:
1. Entrance visa - such kind of visa is valid from three days up to three months.
- One time (ordinary) entrance visa - allows entering and exiting the country only one time during its validity period.
- Multiple entry visas - this type of visa is valid from 1 year up to 2 years. This visa allows a person for multiple entrance-exit to the country during the appropriate period.
If the visa is not used during these periods it expires.
2. Transit visa.
One time or multiple transit visas – are granted to foreigners and stateless persons traveling to third countries via the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 
Transit visa allows a person to stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan for a maximum of 5 days.

Foreigners and stateless persons can obtain ordinary (one time) entrance visa within the objectives as mentioned below:
- business purpose
- scientific purpose
- education purpose
- labor purpose
- tourism purpose
- cultural purpose
- sport purpose
- humanitarian purpose
- Purpose of personal visit

Diplomatic and service entrance visa is granted only to persons coming to Azerbaijan with official purposes.

Responsibilities and restrictions defined by legislation

According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On exiting country, entrance to country and passports" (article No: 12) the foreigners' and stateless persons' entrance to the Republic of Azerbaijan can be restricted in cases mentioned below:
1) If it is vital for the protection of national security or public order.
2) If it is significant for protection of rights and legal interests of citizens of Azerbaijan Republic and other persons.
3) If person disordered/violated the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan in his/her previous visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
4) If the person gave false information about himself/herself when applying for the entrance to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
5) If the coming of mentally ill person or the person infected with infectious diseases constitutes a threat to public health (except the persons who do not constitute such threat and arriving at his/her or their legal trustee's expense for medical treatment);
6) If the person has been extracted from the boundaries of the Republic of Azerbaijan before
7) If a person's entrance to the Republic of Azerbaijan was considered undesirable.
In these cases, it is rejected to grant a visa to the person.
If there is a bureaucracy in considering the application or it is rejected to consider the application, foreigners and stateless persons can complain about it by administrative means or to the court.

Attention!  In case of rejection for granting a visa, the state fee paid by foreigners or stateless persons will not be given back!
Foreigners and stateless persons crossing the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan in violation of the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On exiting country, entrance to country and passports" without passport, visa or with invalid (unfaithful) passport and other documents, will be returned back.

If the rules of exiting the country and entering the country defined by the law are not obeyed or violated, guilty persons bear administrative and criminal responsibility intended in the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan, foreigners and stateless persons are responsible in the case stated below:

  • For the disordering the rules of staying in the Republic of Azerbaijan or transit passing from the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan – foreigners or stateless persons are fined from 300 Manat up to 400 Manat with the extraction from the boundaries in administrative way or without extraction. 
    • For the loss of documents for temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan or spoiling the documents intentionally - are fined from 15 Manat up to 25 Manat.

The exit of foreigners and stateless persons from the Republic of Azerbaijan can be limited temporarily in the cases mentioned below:
1) If their exit will be contrary to the interests of providing national security – until these bases disappear;

2) If they are accepted as suspicious or accused person on criminal act – until the end of criminal prosecution;

3) If they are condemned for criminal act – until they are set free or face punishment fully;

4) If there is a civil claim against them - until the civil decision defined by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan enters into force.

Attention! Foreigners and stateless persons' registration upon place of stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Foreigners or stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Azerbaijan for more than 15 days should be registered upon place of stay, For this purpose, management of the place of stay of the foreigner or stateless person or owner of the residential area should submit the application for registration upon place of stay and copy of the passport (other border crossing document) of that person to the State Migration Service through official website ( ) of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, mail, e-mail ( ) or in person within 15 days after the arrival of the person in the country.

Foreigners and stateless persons can also apply themselves in the aforementioned way for registration upon place of stay.

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