Single candidate was approved for the post of Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Saudi Arabia hosted an emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Mecca. Our country was represented by Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Saudi Arabia, Permanent Representative to the OIC Rasim Rzayev at this event.

Chairman of organization deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Gayrat Fazilov opened the meeting and informed about agenda.

Then the acting OIC Secretary General Abdullah Alim emphasized that the emergency meeting was called at the request of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to express the attitude by the Member States on Yemen "Husi" rebels’ ballistic missile attack attempt towards Mecca on October 27.

Head of Saudi Arabia’s delegation at the meeting Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Nizar bin Ubayd Madani urged the member states to take serious actions against this criminal act commited by "Husi" rebels. 

Heads of delegations of Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia and other countries discussed the emphasized issue in their speeches. They strongly condemned terrorism in all its forms.

Some organizational issues were also discussed at the meeting.

Nomination of Yusuf bin Ahmed Al 'Uthaymeen to the post of the OIC Secretary General was unanimously approved by the member states after the resignation of the former Secretary General Iyad bin Amin Madani.

Ambassador Rasim Rzayev congratulated Yusuf bin Ahmed al-Useymini with his approval to the post of Secretary General.

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