The essay competition on the subject “What do I know about the Republic of Azerbaijan?” is announced.

On the occasion of the announcement of the year 2017 as the “Islamic Solidarity Year in the Republic of Azerbaijan” the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Azerbaijan accredited in the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has announce an essay competition on the subject


“What do I know about the Republic of Azerbaijan?”.


The Competition is open for youth in 18-29 ages.

The Essays must contain 2,500 words.

The Essays should be presented in English.

The Essays should be written in Arial 12 in A4 and sent to email riyadh@mission.mfa.gov.azin Word and PDF format by to July 30, 2017.

Below mentioned documents should be presented together with Essays:

-       Application Form (here

-       Curriculum Vitae

-       Copy of Passport


The winners will get the right to travel to the Republic of Azerbaijan to be acquainted with the history and culture of our country.


Note: In the framework of the visit it is planned to hold the presentations (music, dance and national cuisine) of the countries taking part.


In the determination of the winners special attention will be paid to the sufficiently scientific justification of essays, the list of used literature, correctness of the historical sources, at the same time to the accuracy of the information reflected in the essays.


Only the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may participate in the competition.

Topics of Essay Competition:

-       Heydar Aliyev: National leader of Azerbaijan,

-       Realties of the Karabakh conflict,

-       History, Culture and Art of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

-       People of the Republic of Azerbaijan, language and traditions,

-       The role of  the Republic of Azerbaijan in the international policy,

-       The Republic of Azerbaijan and the Kingdom Saudi Arabia: historical ties and perspectives,

-       Economic development of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

-       Oil and Gas Strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

-       Azerbaijan in the ancient sources


In the context of the general topics students can choose any specific topic according to their interests and educational background.


For further information and research materials please contact the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Phone: +966 11 4192382

E-mail: riyadh@mission.mfa.gov.az

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